Stalin Video: Clearing up misconceptions

Due to the recent comments and shitstorm over the video “Why Stalin Wasn’t Evil”, I would like to clear a few things up.

Most of my info on Stalin comes from the Kerry Bolton books.  Kerry Bolton is a National Socialist writer in New Zealand. I highly recommend you check them out to increase your knowledge.

Just because someone praises someone, does not mean they are of the same ideology or agrees with them 100%. Stalin is very misunderstood. He was a leader who caught Russia up with the west.  Stalin was fighting the Global elite, he just saw it as organizations and not a Jewish conspiracy.  The best part about Stalin is he gave Jews a taste of their own medicine, at least after ww2.

Our Ideology is Strasserism and we take a lot from the old American Socialists like Jack London and Father Coughlin. It’s not uncommon for Strasserists to like Stalin and I have known many who have. An example would be White Nationalists praising Iran for their fight against Zionism and American Imperialism.  That doesn’t mean they want an Islamic Theocracy in their own nation.

So in the future we’ll be doing some videos on Prussian Socialism and Strasserism. However we will continue to bring up facts that may make you uncomfortable or contradict the beliefs that you have set in stone.

Many Hitlerians are very intrigued with this concept of “ideological purity”. They want to be exactly like Adolf Hitler. They believe everything good is what Hitler supported, and that he can do no wrong. This is a ridiculous thought prison. Instead of having an open mind and reconsidering ideas and opinions they may have formed due to deceptive propaganda, they only aim to be just like their idol. When presented with conflicting information they spiral into critical denial. This is very detrimental, but I know a lot of them can’t help it. One of the signs of autism is being stubbornly stuck in their way of thinking. We wonder who are the real autists here? Hitler would NOT have approved of this behavior. Stop acting like a bunch of children and open your eyes. There is a plethora of new information to enlighten yourself with. Mein Kampf isn’t the only book out there, you know.


A Critique On Post-Left Anarchism, Anarcho-Communism and Anarcho-Capitalism from a Strasserist perspective

As you and I both know, there has been a rise in Post-Left Anarchism. I’ve also dalianced with Anarcho-Communists and Left-Communists in general. What bothers me most is unfortunately, these types, aside from the Egoists, are still obsessed with identity politics. Karl Marx was not into that at all, despite what these types would tell you about privilege, intersectionality, etc etc. Mostly he was concerned about the liberation of the workers on an International scale. The fault of left-wing identity politics can fall squarely on Trotskyism. Unfortunately, it has affected both the left wing and right wing in different ways. The so-called “Dems are the real racists” is an example of right-wing Trotskyist influence. On the other hand left-wing influence is much harder, since he was left-wing to begin with. Who has time to remember 36 genders and talk about how “Calling a woman fat” is oppression while response to real oppression in the middle east is met with the sounds of crickets. All while the white Volkisch working class is continually shat on by these borgeouis “fake” socialists. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of Trump, especially when his Zionist handlers are excercizing “esoteric warfare” on him to make sure he screws us in the end. But this constant high-brow liberalism is what caused a reaction from white working class people. Now its time to shift that overton window from Capitalism to Socialism, while still retaining a sense of Populism and Nationalism that won’t alienate “average joes”. In other Anglosphere countries, this is easier to do. In The United States it will be a harder uphill battle since your average American still cares about their “freedom” and “democracy”. This may come across as snobbish because I believe in these Western countries, people are too stupid to make their own decisions. Leave it up to the even more “progressive” Europeans (and I use that term loosely) and you get mass immigration in exchange for cheap labour. Cheap Labour isn’t worth the cost if they won’t A) assimilate and B) they’re still tied to the EU and the international banking cartel. Otto and Gregor Strasser saw that German needed to have a central banking system to avoid their profits from being exploited by international capital, that’s where non-Marxist Socialists and Marxist Socialists disagree. But I degress, the New Internationalist Left is obsessed with “lolipop problems” instead of their own people’s future. This is what Karl Marx, and to a lesser degree, Peter Kropotkin’s legacy is now. So much shame. At least Joseph Stalin tried to decriminalize Russia’s traditonal roots somewhat long after the Communist revolution happened. I may be wrong, but he saw what a rogue Leon Trotsky was and saw what he was trying to do to communism and he had every right to put that icepick in the back of his head. However, you can kill a person but you can’t kill their ideas. Kropotkin was the king of cheap labour, also the godfather of anarchist communism from an economic standpoint. At least Bakunin and to an extent Proudhon knew the dangers of Zion. Trotsky and Kropotkin, either did not care, or were a willing participant into spreading their filth which can even be felt in the most hawkish of Neoconservatives. Imperialism to me is their form of being internationalist. Where as the left is using intersectionality and calling the white man a spade to further their sick agenda. Its time for a Third Way, and not in the democratic Clintonista way, who was still by all means a Neocon parading around in Democrat clothes. Donald Trump did get elected because of this shit, but now he’s buckling under pressure and stabbing his supporters in the back. When will the left and right realize Democracy doesn’t work anymore? Now for the Libertarians, who’s only redeeming factors are their gun stances and non-imperialism, you also get the Ayn Rand types, and on the other end, beyond Kropotkin, Max Stirner, doing everything to get what you want at the expense of others. Maybe we need a thousand of Max Stirner types in order to overturn our current system, A Union Of Egoists, if you will. Just as Right-Wing Nationalism was created by those bowed at the altar of Hoppe, Stirner can be our vehicle for revolutionizing America in the Left/Third Position sector. There definitely will a period of anarchy and dissent until our job is done, removing all those who stand in the way of Volkish, Traditonalism, and The White working class and poverty classes. This means war.

Meditations on Russia and The Jehovah’s Witness Movement


Recently, Russia passed a law criminalizing Jehovah’s witnesses. Now to some of you in the west might be letting out a collective “gasp”, but hold onto your horses for a minute.

The Jehovah’s Witness Movement was founded in the late 19th century in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a town I’ve visited many a times as I live nearby. One of their core beliefs is a literal “kingdom in heaven” with it’s own government. Likewise, while on Earth, they act as contentious objectors, opposed to earthly political aims in return. Much can be drawn between them and the Amish in that regard. There’s differences though. There’s not much evangelism in the Amish community, and they prefer to live off the grid, maintaining private communities and generally not bothering anyone unless they’re attacked first. Jehovah’s witnesses on the other hand, are bothersome Evangelical types, spreading gospel door to door, often to the detriment of the general public yet ask us to respect their privacy on such occasions as All Hallows Eve. Dour in their demeanor, rejecting all celebrations, even birthdays as ‘pagan’. Vile heretics who reject the concept of saints.

But let’s not get carried away. Some say I’ve done a fools errand by doing something I’d rather not discuss for legal reasons required by law to participate in our oh-so-wonderful (pretty obvious I’m being sarcastic here) democratic process. So they may have a point. What separates The Amish from them is who’s paying the rent for them to live here? Us of course, the phrase “taxation is the price we pay for civilization” is so very apt here. So you don’t want to participate politically but you want us to foot your bills? And not only that but tolerate your strange behavior and practices? To be fair, both have a point about our system. Whether aware or unaware (I’m fleaning towards the latter) any vote for America is a vote for Israel, sorry to say. Now I could be really edgy and demand Israel be turned into a crater (not going to happen, at least not in my lifetime) Tel-Aviv is a thriving city. Yet they demand our reparations, for whatever reason. Second option is open borders, which due to their own bigotry and insular attitude, won’t happen either. Best we can hope for is a Christian reconquista of The Holy Land. But I’m straying from the point here. Sound familiar? The Jehovah’s witnesses act the same exact way, getting into our personal business while demanding we stay out of theirs. So it makes sense The East considers them a ‘dangerous cult’ The Synagogue Of Satan works the same way. But we all know Russia is autonomous and the international banking cartels have a hold on nearly everyone, and those who defied it got demolished in the name of globalist imperialism, so I think they want remain on somewhat  cordial terms so they can pay their dues for the time being. One glaring exception though. North Korea. With all due to respect to my late grandfather, who fought in the conflict, North Korea does not recognize Israel as a state nor wants their money. Who’s ready for another round of globalism? Not me, and in conclusion maybe that’s where I can agree with the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Amish in that regard. But let’s focus on the real issue here. The former Soviet Union is really good at sensing mimics and maybe it was a safety measure on their part because “a snake is a snake” it can come in different varieties, varying colors but the aim is the same. After all, Vladimir Putin put out a warning to George Soros to stay out of their country.

In Lieu Of Earth Day And How Environmentalism became a tool for Globalism

nmentAs we all know, the environmentalist movement has been a vanguard of both the liberal left and marxist left for at least 30 years now. Most people do not associate environmentalism with nationalism or fascism and are often unaware of its third position and far right roots. Let me explain why.

Back in the time of National Socialist Germany, Adolf Hilter implemented quite a few measures for perserving the land which “Volkisch” could live on, grow crops on, and make sure his people could breathe clean air and drink clean water. You almost never hear about this. After the fall of the Axis Powers, there were forces at work trying to lay the groundwork for undermining his acheivements and relegating them to the dustbins of history. Whether or not KGB ground forces were infiltrating American governments remains to be seen (they will never tell us), the idea of “Love your mother earth” go co-opted by liberals and Marxists alike during the so-called “Age Of Aquarius” a lot of people, who would eventually either go Pagan or Christian, however irrelevant, felt a need to signal their deep connection with nature and the world around them. This also planted the seeds of globalism, where it wasn’t just a “Volkisch” issue, but “people are starving in Africa” and “we need to spread this message far and wide”. it became a global isssue. Global warming, global starvation, etc. Were on the table. It became so awful that these virtue-signaling hippies no longer cared about their own because of so-called “progressive social engineering”. abandon your own to save someone’s else’s ass. The roots of SJW can be traced back to this. This kind of fruitless abandon and concept of “white privilege” had its roots in the tumultous sixties. Preaching free love and not caring about your own people, to the detriment of society, because these people were more concerned about the Third World than the community they belonged to. The United Nations knew this all too well, and being the opportunists they were took full advantage of their pleas to push environmentalism into a globalist agenda. That’s why even the most traditional of even pagan communities, the Trotskyites, despite their jewish overlord being iced, was martyred into a figure of a worldwide altruism. 70s feminism further this whole “abandon your tribe” mentality later on. Although in some respects, I take some of Ted Kaczinsky’s ideologies with a grain of salt (as with anyone) but during the 70s and 80s, criminal activity aside, he was onto something. Especially stateside, with progressive social engineering and former hippies and beatniks reaching the age of being able to hold power. This only compounded the problem, and as we see today, in a way he was right. The altruistic new left growing expotentially by the day and the sheer advancement of technological and other scientific problems, it became “poor them” instead of “poor us”. he had the foresight to see how the left today is now finally destroying itself. Such phenomenon as open-door policies and lack of foresight into how different cultures react to their environment has caused a lot of Western nations grief. But hey, better question authority unless you want the Zionist internationalist mafia on your ass. This all will come to pass, maybe not in my lifetime but maybe our children or grand-children’s lifetime. Our blindless to our own people and wringing our hands over those we feel “are oppressed” in this world rather than focusing our on Volk and what we can do to preserve us is now in the hands of multinational corporations run by ex-hippies and baby boomers would love no more than just to see us croak. The Rio convention of 1992 effectively sealed the deal that your average person (another reason why I oppose excessive democracy, the general public is too ill-informed to make decisions for themselves, but that’s neither here nor there) will always believe environmentalism and to some extent animal rights is a global issue. On a side note, often times the media, also controlled by these people, will turn a blind eye to any crisis that doesn’t suit the globalist agenda, unfortunately for them with the rise of the New Right, they not only knocked down the final domino but are also inadvertenly shifting the overton to window in our favor. This seems to play into the jewish love/hate relationship they have with themselves, considering they’ve spend most of their life as cosmopolitans with no place to go, they’ve entered into professions that allow them to be as cosmopolitan as they please, to the detriment of nations’ welfare and security. But how dare you tell them they should open their borders! Or even suggest the holy land belongs to Christ! They are sneaky and underhanded and eventually this is going to catch up to them. But was being caught part of their plan? We probably will never know. People like Sanders and Stein were unanimously in favor of Palestine but their social views and actions spoke louder than words, and spoke of universalism instead of the common man. Rich chapagne liberals who claimed to understand us but still played the old game of Divide & Conquer. Likewise you rarely see Conservatives saying no to Israel, remember “Greatest Ally”? anyone who does, like Trump and Buchanan earlier on either bowed down to their masters if they bit off more than they could chew or would be stomped down by the foot of International Socialism. There’s a reason we rarely hear from the latter, and people, unless you’re blinded by Populism have turned our backs on Trump simply because you can’t question the narrative. Patience is a virtue, and as a Christian myself, prayer and waiting it out, even if its only my descents or the descents of my volk finally shift deep ecology and environmentalism in its proper place without being accused of “racism” for putting our nations first. That means every nation must put its people first, if we don’t want to cause the eventually degradation of our home environment to so-called “progressive social engineering” and “why are you being a bigot, goyim, you are white and you owe the world an apology so let your country be destroyed by those who wish nothing more than to spit on your land and drain its natural resources”. Endless wars in the middle east have turned otherwise indigenous countries into genetic wastelands, so I might be right that these semities really want the tables turned on them. You never belonged and you never will, so I’d advise you to stop before your kind is eliminated from the planet for good. Fortunately, the libertarian left who claimed to care so much about the environment is being backed into a corner. They cared so much about starving Third World countries that their roots have been severed, and as one person said, to destroy a people is to sever their roots. The crosshairs are on you now, you have nowhere else to go but hell itself. Any last words?

The Philosophy Of The Church And People’s King (A Case For Theocratic Socialism)

The Philosophy of the Church And The People’s King can be defined as a mostly socialist, somewhat libertarian philosophy ordained by the Church and God and a leader within which displays excellent virtuous, warrior, poet, philosopher ideals while remaining a man of the people. If we look at past philosophers such as Aristotle, and even as recent as Schmitt and Evola, they held the concept of authority. But how can an Aristocracy survive without putting its citizens first. Some of the early National Socialist economists such as the Strasser Brothers and Gottfried Feder, wanted to keep Germany a Worker’s paraside through central banking and extremely high trade barriers. Adolf Hitler, destroyed this concept during the Night Of The Long Knives, when he destroyed the Working class, Leftist elements of his party to open Germany to free enterprise. Of Course, this would be his ultimate downfall and acquisition by outside Bolshevik forces, he became too Imperialist and Capitalist, and such greed and expansionism put his forces at great risk. This is not to say he once was, he was an excellent orator and could rile the crowd into a frenzy. His affect on Germany at first had Germany in complete emotional and Patriotic rapture. But that’s not the be-all end-all of what makes a great country. His ties to the Church, the Pope, and to a way lesser extent, the Patriarchs of Russia had by intents and purposes may have been shaky. The leader of the Rexist party of Belgium, was later to be condemned by the Pope. He had ties to The Soviet Union but through underground means. As far as we know Hitler could’ve been an Atheist, a Pagan, an Agnostic, or actually Christian. We honestly don’t know and only perceive about him thru individual perspective and mostly thru Rose colored glasses. From what we’ve gathered, most fascist leaders were meritocrats, elected thru personal merit rather than ordained as a leader of the Lord. Falangism, early on might have been somewhat a people’s republic, after the death of its founder, Antonio Rivera, who was already waging war against the Carlists, the next leader, Fransisco Franco, declared war against the working class. Seemed you couldn’t have it both ways. Most Fascists in Europe began with great ideas, but ended up destroying its peasant class and poverty class peoples for free enterprise. Some of those were balanced between Monarchy and Fascism such as Italy but the King had no real power and was seen only as an unapproachable figurehead compared to Mussolini, who by his strong arm, led his people to what might’ve been a working class meritocratic state, but only to destroy the nation.

In the days of Feudalism, particularly, pre-Merchantile feudalism, they was much co-operation between the serfs and their overseers. The International Merchant, destroyed that notion by gross Imperialism, to conquer indigenious peoples, who may or may not have the means or the knowledge to understand what their conquerers were doing to them to spread what was to become early capitalism. Modern day Monarchy is a mere shadow of what it once was. The International Jew, various Freemasonry movements and The French Revolution, have rendered these people as not men and women of the working class but unapprochable figureheads who extert little to no executive power over their state and only a mass revolution could come back to reunite the Aristocrat with its own people, especially those work in low rent communities. International Jewry is nothing new, its gross Internationalism and Capitalism have destroyed Empires and destroyed relations between the people and their leader. The Gross atheism of modern times is a direct product of both rootless cosmopolitanism and internationalism. Democracy, which was a product of ancient Greece, has been rendered useless. We must have leaders not only in touch with God but its own working classes, away from the merchantiles and the rich that profit off the misery of others. Certain civil liberties must be perserved in order for the Socialist society not to dissolve completely into Stateless communism, the right to bear arms, freedom of speech and divisions of labor but only in the argicultural and resource realms, to perserve a semblance of private ownership.

But we must be highly protectionist, to avoid International merchantilism to destroy our country’s moral fabric, Gottfried Feder wanted class war with the international elites. They have grown nigh powerful and he warned us about their tricks. We are not too late to restore aristocracy and centralized states. But it will take plenty of blood, sweat, and tears to achieve that. Direct worship of Money is rooted in satanic materialism, and the elites knew this. Aristocracies are few and far between because international trade and gross capital worship have rendered them powerless against the almighty dollar. We’re starting to have urbanite millenials who only care about their special individuality and policing the language of others. Not only are they the modern day, rootless Aristocrats, they are also pawns of the international Jew. “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” say them. The stolen Holy Land of Israel has become its own insular superstate but they want to flood traditional cultures, mostly white European societies into ruin. Because that’s how they operate. They are very passive-aggressive, much like matriarchal societies, but that’s for another chapter. Judas Iscariot is trying to drive his final nail into the coffin of Europe and even North America. This is very sad.

In 2015-16, Bernie Sanders wanted to bring Socialism to America. He was a flunkie on two accounts, 1, he was a chosenite 2, most of his followers were spoiled urban college students who didn’t realize that social democracy had its roots in the international jew. But if you were to bring this up to them, you would get labeled “racist”, “Anti-semite”, etc. Even bringing up the fact that Wahabbism has its roots as far back as the imperialist wars of starting during the end of Ronald Reagan’s presidency would fall on deaf ears. Most of them were not alive during that time. They are clueless and prime candidates for being “useful idiots”. His war crimes aside, Pol Pot, did his best to destroy urbanites and hipsters back in the late 1970s. but he too, was a pawn of Communist internationalism and did little to help curb godless atheism. We need class warfare, but it must first be ordained by the Lord Jesus Christ himself. A Revolution thru the Church, if you will.

Many leaders today, even the Pope himself, have been accused of betraying their throne in the name of “diversity”, they speak so much of being of the people but their actions are traitorous. This kind of Jekyll-Hide persona is very much tied to those of the people of King David. This is not recent, but goes back thousands of years when he used usury against the Gentile peoples of the middle east. When Christ himself wandered through the Holy Lands and tried to speak, as King of the Jews, many followed but also many denied his place as rightful son of God. These people, no matter if they were to say “Jesus was a Socialist” or “Jesus was Communist”, these people who denied him would lead to hundreds of years of what those blind to the light of God as “social progress”. This was not Social progress, but a degradation of human values. In the 19th century, philosopher Julius Evola pointed this out but much, even though for a short time his values were present in early 20th century Europe, ended up decaying and falling to the Merchants. Despite his values, and his patriotism and traditonalism, was not a man of The Lord. He would not be fit to rule. Neither he, nor Guenon, nor Karl Marx, nor Nietszche, while such philosophers had great ideas, are not men of God. Karl Marx himself tried to be a “man of the people” but dabbled in Satanic ideas that still played songs of so-called virtue to The Merchants. We have to have both, a man of God, and a man of the people, that was seen with Jesus Christ himself. We have not seen such a person, aside from those leaders of The Vatican or The Patriarchs of Russia cannonized into Saints. But even they were not Christ himself and would be insulted and unworthy to be considered such a person. Look at St. Peter, who requested himself to be crucified upsidedown because he felt he was unworthy to be crucified in the same manner as our Lord Jesus Christ.

Many monarchs, since the dawn of Christianity, had faults and even the most virtuous leaders, were still Children Of God, and were born with original sin. We all are. We have been poisoned by Lucifer since the days of Adam and Eve with self-awareness. To an extent, its fine to be self-aware. Its not okay to be self-involved. In order for a leader to not only lead a country, but to represent his people, he must be humble, and giving all while being a man to lead his country to war, if necessary, but pacifism should also be his main priority. Nor should he allow the merchants of godlessness ruin his country with open-border policies and excessive free trade to just become a cog in the Jewish machine. He must strike a balance. But we’ll see.

I used the picture of an ELN guerilla fighter as a reference, as I’ve recently learned about one of their leaders, Camilo Torres, was a Catholic Priest who was, although not much of a fighter (he died in the first conflict with Columbian Military Patrol as a low ranking member of the ELN) he was martyred as a symbol of what could have been. A Precursor to Liberation Theology, which in recent times has been marred by Anglosphere Christian Democrats, hopefully during these turbulent times, a revolutionary change to the ideology, either by myself or someone else reading this, might turn it into a force for Nationalism instead of Internationalism.

A proposition for American Nationalists

Now that we have adressed the problem and orgin of capitalism its time we look at what we can do to change it.  But first let me go on a rant on the dumb strategies of the past and the idiots who are still using them and talking about them.

Lets go in chronological order here, lets start with Rockwell.  Rockwell was a conservative before his supposed conversion to NS.  Rockwell wasn’t NS in the traditional sense of the ideology, he was pro capitalism and tried to adopt a German ideology.  In fact Rockwell didn’t even understand the ideology he had adopted, he was mixing it with american conservatism which is why he failed.  Not to mention Hitler said himself that NS is not for export, however most anglo sphere NS don’t know about or ignore that quote.  NS came to America during the height of the cold war, in fact the only reason Rockwell adopted it was because of Hitler’s fanatical anti communist rhetoric.  Rockwell wanted a white christian America, so essentially the same ideology as the klan.  NS also got mixed up in Mccarthyism and the crisis in the Jim Crow south at the time.  Rockwell and his succesor collins failed because the reasons I mentioned above.

Now for someone a little more brighter, William Pierce.  Ahh good old billy boy Pierce.  He was an intellectual and a physicist, so I give him credit for not being some hick from alabama like the leaders pf the rockwellianism today.  However the main reason he failed was him abandoning the revolutionary aspect and promoting elitism.  He seeked to change the system from the top, as in upper class whites.  Completely abandoning the Proletarian, what hima nd his followers forget is that revolution is fueled by the working man, not some rich guy from Boston.  The wealthy have no interest in changing a system thats working wonderful for them, this is why any change has to be carried out by the working class.  What do we have to worry about, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Then comes the order which came out of Pierce’s turner diaries novel.  Well any idiot who thinks pathetic acts of tiny violence is going to solve anything needs to be slapped.  Nothimng more has to be said about this topic, for its pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain.

Now for Modern tactics, I have been in marches, rallies, and conferences.  I have passed out litterature, none of that seems to be working and would you like to know why?  its simple really, a rally or march of 50 people poses no threat to the establishment and normal people just don’t care.  As for conferences, I had to sit there and listen to morons talk about things I already know and talk about runnig for offices.  Then they start talking about non violence, but never expect to win federal elections.  It turns out their strategy is helping the lcal communities and controlling water and other things like this.  How does this translate into politcal power?  Well it doesn’t, however they think it does in their irrational minds.  “If we control the water supply, we have the power”, yeah only problem with that is that the elite will never allow you too.  Another dumb strategy is all white private communities like orania, there are several legal barriors that prevent that.

Anyway back to rallies, all rallies really do is give the establishment an opportunity to demonize you.  They do nothimg, although they might be effective if you didn’t announce to the world that you’re nazis.  And this brings me to my next point, lets drop the Hitlerism and rockwellianism.  Lets just make something that’s purely american and base it off strasserism.  A big problem is the hyper focus on race and not enough talk about economic reform, refer to my previous article on why Anti capitalism and Socialism should be the core of this ideology.

Now here’s a proposition for a good ideological platform


Advocate National Syndicalism

Obtain the Revolutionary Spirit

Speak out loudly against income disparity and say how its Bourgois Jews who are the cause of it

Explain how Immigration is a method of undermining the white working class

Be very Socially Conservative and Anti Degeneracy

adopt Anti Imperialism

Ditch Mccarthyism and throw Rockwell under the bus, he didn’t even understand NS anyway

Create a well thought out economic doctrine and push it very hard

Ditch secessionism and adopt the will to power mindset of seizing power instead of deconstructing it

Use the term Ideological war instead of race war

Promote racial identity and criticize the anti white crusade of SJW retards

Try tp create alliances with old revolutionary leftists.  By that I mean the old socialists, not the dumb trotskyists and neo marxist filth we have today

Adopt ideas from old american nationalist and Socialists.  Some good socialists are Father Coughlin, Huey Long, and Jack London



This is an economic struggle

I have had questions on my objections to capitalism and calling reactionism Kosher Nationalism.  To answer this question we must look at the history and development of capitalism and the problems it presents us

Capitalism is NOT just as simple as starting a business and making a prophet, that’s just collecting the fruits of your labor.  Capitalism gets its name obviously from Capital and capital is money as we all know.  Now that we have that established, lets look at some history.

There’s two kinds of currencies in this world, ones backed by debt and credit in other words money and those backed by labor.  In the ancient world this labor was slavery, but that’s a topic for another day.  So lets focus on middle ages, in this time feudalism was the economic system which was based on agricultural labor.  The GDP of economy came from farming mostly with some exceptions such as rare minerals.  Feudalism simplified is Serfs working for a lord that owns all the land and the serf is paid, but can’t own anything.  He’s paid with food, housing, and small amounts of money.  The produce goes on the market and is bought by the artisan class such as blacksmiths, scribes and doctors.

This system could only last so long however due to the many problems it presented, such as not a big enough consumer base.  So the lords often lacked money, so they had to borrow it and they borrowed from the merchant class, I’ll talk about this more later.  there was a series of events that led to its collapse, the biggest being the black death which wiped out a lot od serfs.  This meant there were’nt enough peasants to work the land anymore.  The other reason is the printing press which allowed mass productions of books that made litteracy more useful, so the peasants began to become more litterate.  Now back to the lords borrowing money, Ursury was illegal so the only people that lend them money was of course Jews who were the merchantile class at the time.  SEnse the lords made such a small profit they couldn’t pay the interest.  This led to economic chaos and the collapse of feudalism.  That and the serfs were educated now and were rising in social status which led to the huge middle class.

This new system was based on trade and capital, so this was the rise of capitalism.  It did many good things such as allowing entreprenuerialship and anyone could own land.  However this also led to the rise of banks and legalization od usury.  The Jews controlled these banks and were the main benificiaries od this new system as they funded the soon to come corporations that orchestrated colonialism.  This is where the spirit of europe died, now everything was to be based on money and greed, a kosher paradise.

Capitalism since its begining has been Jewish, so my question is why are a bunch of so called National Socialists defending this system.  Sure communism was also invented by a jew, but so is capitalism.  Capitalism isn’t nationalist, as soon as it came to be colonialism started and colonialism was the earliest form of globalism.  Capital is colorblind and does’t care about race, capitalists only care about acquiring as much money and power as possible and will do anything to get it.  This includes war, selling out their people, and destroying tradition if they have to.  Many of my colleages have said “Cultural Marxism, I think you mean cultural Capitalism” as it has only existed in the highly capitalist west with the huge corporate empires and exploiters.

So now we come to my final point, this IS an Economic struggle at its core.  We will never be free until we abolish this corrupt, exploitive, and kosher systsem.  Anyone who defends it is an enemy and I and my comrades will treat as such, and so should you.