Stalin Video: Clearing up misconceptions

Due to the recent comments and shitstorm over the video “Why Stalin Wasn’t Evil”, I would like to clear a few things up.

Most of my info on Stalin comes from the Kerry Bolton books.  Kerry Bolton is a National Socialist writer in New Zealand. I highly recommend you check them out to increase your knowledge.

Just because someone praises someone, does not mean they are of the same ideology or agrees with them 100%. Stalin is very misunderstood. He was a leader who caught Russia up with the west.  Stalin was fighting the Global elite, he just saw it as organizations and not a Jewish conspiracy.  The best part about Stalin is he gave Jews a taste of their own medicine, at least after ww2.

Our Ideology is Strasserism and we take a lot from the old American Socialists like Jack London and Father Coughlin. It’s not uncommon for Strasserists to like Stalin and I have known many who have. An example would be White Nationalists praising Iran for their fight against Zionism and American Imperialism.  That doesn’t mean they want an Islamic Theocracy in their own nation.

So in the future we’ll be doing some videos on Prussian Socialism and Strasserism. However we will continue to bring up facts that may make you uncomfortable or contradict the beliefs that you have set in stone.

Many Hitlerians are very intrigued with this concept of “ideological purity”. They want to be exactly like Adolf Hitler. They believe everything good is what Hitler supported, and that he can do no wrong. This is a ridiculous thought prison. Instead of having an open mind and reconsidering ideas and opinions they may have formed due to deceptive propaganda, they only aim to be just like their idol. When presented with conflicting information they spiral into critical denial. This is very detrimental, but I know a lot of them can’t help it. One of the signs of autism is being stubbornly stuck in their way of thinking. We wonder who are the real autists here? Hitler would NOT have approved of this behavior. Stop acting like a bunch of children and open your eyes. There is a plethora of new information to enlighten yourself with. Mein Kampf isn’t the only book out there, you know.


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