Meditations on Russia and The Jehovah’s Witness Movement


Recently, Russia passed a law criminalizing Jehovah’s witnesses. Now to some of you in the west might be letting out a collective “gasp”, but hold onto your horses for a minute.

The Jehovah’s Witness Movement was founded in the late 19th century in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a town I’ve visited many a times as I live nearby. One of their core beliefs is a literal “kingdom in heaven” with it’s own government. Likewise, while on Earth, they act as contentious objectors, opposed to earthly political aims in return. Much can be drawn between them and the Amish in that regard. There’s differences though. There’s not much evangelism in the Amish community, and they prefer to live off the grid, maintaining private communities and generally not bothering anyone unless they’re attacked first. Jehovah’s witnesses on the other hand, are bothersome Evangelical types, spreading gospel door to door, often to the detriment of the general public yet ask us to respect their privacy on such occasions as All Hallows Eve. Dour in their demeanor, rejecting all celebrations, even birthdays as ‘pagan’. Vile heretics who reject the concept of saints.

But let’s not get carried away. Some say I’ve done a fools errand by doing something I’d rather not discuss for legal reasons required by law to participate in our oh-so-wonderful (pretty obvious I’m being sarcastic here) democratic process. So they may have a point. What separates The Amish from them is who’s paying the rent for them to live here? Us of course, the phrase “taxation is the price we pay for civilization” is so very apt here. So you don’t want to participate politically but you want us to foot your bills? And not only that but tolerate your strange behavior and practices? To be fair, both have a point about our system. Whether aware or unaware (I’m fleaning towards the latter) any vote for America is a vote for Israel, sorry to say. Now I could be really edgy and demand Israel be turned into a crater (not going to happen, at least not in my lifetime) Tel-Aviv is a thriving city. Yet they demand our reparations, for whatever reason. Second option is open borders, which due to their own bigotry and insular attitude, won’t happen either. Best we can hope for is a Christian reconquista of The Holy Land. But I’m straying from the point here. Sound familiar? The Jehovah’s witnesses act the same exact way, getting into our personal business while demanding we stay out of theirs. So it makes sense The East considers them a ‘dangerous cult’ The Synagogue Of Satan works the same way. But we all know Russia is autonomous and the international banking cartels have a hold on nearly everyone, and those who defied it got demolished in the name of globalist imperialism, so I think they want remain on somewhat ¬†cordial terms so they can pay their dues for the time being. One glaring exception though. North Korea. With all due to respect to my late grandfather, who fought in the conflict, North Korea does not recognize Israel as a state nor wants their money. Who’s ready for another round of globalism? Not me, and in conclusion maybe that’s where I can agree with the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Amish in that regard. But let’s focus on the real issue here. The former Soviet Union is really good at sensing mimics and maybe it was a safety measure on their part because “a snake is a snake” it can come in different varieties, varying colors but the aim is the same. After all, Vladimir Putin put out a warning to George Soros to stay out of their country.


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