A Critique On Post-Left Anarchism, Anarcho-Communism and Anarcho-Capitalism from a Strasserist perspective

As you and I both know, there has been a rise in Post-Left Anarchism. I’ve also dalianced with Anarcho-Communists and Left-Communists in general. What bothers me most is unfortunately, these types, aside from the Egoists, are still obsessed with identity politics. Karl Marx was not into that at all, despite what these types would tell you about privilege, intersectionality, etc etc. Mostly he was concerned about the liberation of the workers on an International scale. The fault of left-wing identity politics can fall squarely on Trotskyism. Unfortunately, it has affected both the left wing and right wing in different ways. The so-called “Dems are the real racists” is an example of right-wing Trotskyist influence. On the other hand left-wing influence is much harder, since he was left-wing to begin with. Who has time to remember 36 genders and talk about how “Calling a woman fat” is oppression while response to real oppression in the middle east is met with the sounds of crickets. All while the white Volkisch working class is continually shat on by these borgeouis “fake” socialists. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of Trump, especially when his Zionist handlers are excercizing “esoteric warfare” on him to make sure he screws us in the end. But this constant high-brow liberalism is what caused a reaction from white working class people. Now its time to shift that overton window from Capitalism to Socialism, while still retaining a sense of Populism and Nationalism that won’t alienate “average joes”. In other Anglosphere countries, this is easier to do. In The United States it will be a harder uphill battle since your average American still cares about their “freedom” and “democracy”. This may come across as snobbish because I believe in these Western countries, people are too stupid to make their own decisions. Leave it up to the even more “progressive” Europeans (and I use that term loosely) and you get mass immigration in exchange for cheap labour. Cheap Labour isn’t worth the cost if they won’t A) assimilate and B) they’re still tied to the EU and the international banking cartel. Otto and Gregor Strasser saw that German needed to have a central banking system to avoid their profits from being exploited by international capital, that’s where non-Marxist Socialists and Marxist Socialists disagree. But I degress, the New Internationalist Left is obsessed with “lolipop problems” instead of their own people’s future. This is what Karl Marx, and to a lesser degree, Peter Kropotkin’s legacy is now. So much shame. At least Joseph Stalin tried to decriminalize Russia’s traditonal roots somewhat long after the Communist revolution happened. I may be wrong, but he saw what a rogue Leon Trotsky was and saw what he was trying to do to communism and he had every right to put that icepick in the back of his head. However, you can kill a person but you can’t kill their ideas. Kropotkin was the king of cheap labour, also the godfather of anarchist communism from an economic standpoint. At least Bakunin and to an extent Proudhon knew the dangers of Zion. Trotsky and Kropotkin, either did not care, or were a willing participant into spreading their filth which can even be felt in the most hawkish of Neoconservatives. Imperialism to me is their form of being internationalist. Where as the left is using intersectionality and calling the white man a spade to further their sick agenda. Its time for a Third Way, and not in the democratic Clintonista way, who was still by all means a Neocon parading around in Democrat clothes. Donald Trump did get elected because of this shit, but now he’s buckling under pressure and stabbing his supporters in the back. When will the left and right realize Democracy doesn’t work anymore? Now for the Libertarians, who’s only redeeming factors are their gun stances and non-imperialism, you also get the Ayn Rand types, and on the other end, beyond Kropotkin, Max Stirner, doing everything to get what you want at the expense of others. Maybe we need a thousand of Max Stirner types in order to overturn our current system, A Union Of Egoists, if you will. Just as Right-Wing Nationalism was created by those bowed at the altar of Hoppe, Stirner can be our vehicle for revolutionizing America in the Left/Third Position sector. There definitely will a period of anarchy and dissent until our job is done, removing all those who stand in the way of Volkish, Traditonalism, and The White working class and poverty classes. This means war.


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