In Lieu Of Earth Day And How Environmentalism became a tool for Globalism

nmentAs we all know, the environmentalist movement has been a vanguard of both the liberal left and marxist left for at least 30 years now. Most people do not associate environmentalism with nationalism or fascism and are often unaware of its third position and far right roots. Let me explain why.

Back in the time of National Socialist Germany, Adolf Hilter implemented quite a few measures for perserving the land which “Volkisch” could live on, grow crops on, and make sure his people could breathe clean air and drink clean water. You almost never hear about this. After the fall of the Axis Powers, there were forces at work trying to lay the groundwork for undermining his acheivements and relegating them to the dustbins of history. Whether or not KGB ground forces were infiltrating American governments remains to be seen (they will never tell us), the idea of “Love your mother earth” go co-opted by liberals and Marxists alike during the so-called “Age Of Aquarius” a lot of people, who would eventually either go Pagan or Christian, however irrelevant, felt a need to signal their deep connection with nature and the world around them. This also planted the seeds of globalism, where it wasn’t just a “Volkisch” issue, but “people are starving in Africa” and “we need to spread this message far and wide”. it became a global isssue. Global warming, global starvation, etc. Were on the table. It became so awful that these virtue-signaling hippies no longer cared about their own because of so-called “progressive social engineering”. abandon your own to save someone’s else’s ass. The roots of SJW can be traced back to this. This kind of fruitless abandon and concept of “white privilege” had its roots in the tumultous sixties. Preaching free love and not caring about your own people, to the detriment of society, because these people were more concerned about the Third World than the community they belonged to. The United Nations knew this all too well, and being the opportunists they were took full advantage of their pleas to push environmentalism into a globalist agenda. That’s why even the most traditional of even pagan communities, the Trotskyites, despite their jewish overlord being iced, was martyred into a figure of a worldwide altruism. 70s feminism further this whole “abandon your tribe” mentality later on. Although in some respects, I take some of Ted Kaczinsky’s ideologies with a grain of salt (as with anyone) but during the 70s and 80s, criminal activity aside, he was onto something. Especially stateside, with progressive social engineering and former hippies and beatniks reaching the age of being able to hold power. This only compounded the problem, and as we see today, in a way he was right. The altruistic new left growing expotentially by the day and the sheer advancement of technological and other scientific problems, it became “poor them” instead of “poor us”. he had the foresight to see how the left today is now finally destroying itself. Such phenomenon as open-door policies and lack of foresight into how different cultures react to their environment has caused a lot of Western nations grief. But hey, better question authority unless you want the Zionist internationalist mafia on your ass. This all will come to pass, maybe not in my lifetime but maybe our children or grand-children’s lifetime. Our blindless to our own people and wringing our hands over those we feel “are oppressed” in this world rather than focusing our on Volk and what we can do to preserve us is now in the hands of multinational corporations run by ex-hippies and baby boomers would love no more than just to see us croak. The Rio convention of 1992 effectively sealed the deal that your average person (another reason why I oppose excessive democracy, the general public is too ill-informed to make decisions for themselves, but that’s neither here nor there) will always believe environmentalism and to some extent animal rights is a global issue. On a side note, often times the media, also controlled by these people, will turn a blind eye to any crisis that doesn’t suit the globalist agenda, unfortunately for them with the rise of the New Right, they not only knocked down the final domino but are also inadvertenly shifting the overton to window in our favor. This seems to play into the jewish love/hate relationship they have with themselves, considering they’ve spend most of their life as cosmopolitans with no place to go, they’ve entered into professions that allow them to be as cosmopolitan as they please, to the detriment of nations’ welfare and security. But how dare you tell them they should open their borders! Or even suggest the holy land belongs to Christ! They are sneaky and underhanded and eventually this is going to catch up to them. But was being caught part of their plan? We probably will never know. People like Sanders and Stein were unanimously in favor of Palestine but their social views and actions spoke louder than words, and spoke of universalism instead of the common man. Rich chapagne liberals who claimed to understand us but still played the old game of Divide & Conquer. Likewise you rarely see Conservatives saying no to Israel, remember “Greatest Ally”? anyone who does, like Trump and Buchanan earlier on either bowed down to their masters if they bit off more than they could chew or would be stomped down by the foot of International Socialism. There’s a reason we rarely hear from the latter, and people, unless you’re blinded by Populism have turned our backs on Trump simply because you can’t question the narrative. Patience is a virtue, and as a Christian myself, prayer and waiting it out, even if its only my descents or the descents of my volk finally shift deep ecology and environmentalism in its proper place without being accused of “racism” for putting our nations first. That means every nation must put its people first, if we don’t want to cause the eventually degradation of our home environment to so-called “progressive social engineering” and “why are you being a bigot, goyim, you are white and you owe the world an apology so let your country be destroyed by those who wish nothing more than to spit on your land and drain its natural resources”. Endless wars in the middle east have turned otherwise indigenous countries into genetic wastelands, so I might be right that these semities really want the tables turned on them. You never belonged and you never will, so I’d advise you to stop before your kind is eliminated from the planet for good. Fortunately, the libertarian left who claimed to care so much about the environment is being backed into a corner. They cared so much about starving Third World countries that their roots have been severed, and as one person said, to destroy a people is to sever their roots. The crosshairs are on you now, you have nowhere else to go but hell itself. Any last words?


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