A proposition for American Nationalists

Now that we have adressed the problem and orgin of capitalism its time we look at what we can do to change it.  But first let me go on a rant on the dumb strategies of the past and the idiots who are still using them and talking about them.

Lets go in chronological order here, lets start with Rockwell.  Rockwell was a conservative before his supposed conversion to NS.  Rockwell wasn’t NS in the traditional sense of the ideology, he was pro capitalism and tried to adopt a German ideology.  In fact Rockwell didn’t even understand the ideology he had adopted, he was mixing it with american conservatism which is why he failed.  Not to mention Hitler said himself that NS is not for export, however most anglo sphere NS don’t know about or ignore that quote.  NS came to America during the height of the cold war, in fact the only reason Rockwell adopted it was because of Hitler’s fanatical anti communist rhetoric.  Rockwell wanted a white christian America, so essentially the same ideology as the klan.  NS also got mixed up in Mccarthyism and the crisis in the Jim Crow south at the time.  Rockwell and his succesor collins failed because the reasons I mentioned above.

Now for someone a little more brighter, William Pierce.  Ahh good old billy boy Pierce.  He was an intellectual and a physicist, so I give him credit for not being some hick from alabama like the leaders pf the rockwellianism today.  However the main reason he failed was him abandoning the revolutionary aspect and promoting elitism.  He seeked to change the system from the top, as in upper class whites.  Completely abandoning the Proletarian, what hima nd his followers forget is that revolution is fueled by the working man, not some rich guy from Boston.  The wealthy have no interest in changing a system thats working wonderful for them, this is why any change has to be carried out by the working class.  What do we have to worry about, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Then comes the order which came out of Pierce’s turner diaries novel.  Well any idiot who thinks pathetic acts of tiny violence is going to solve anything needs to be slapped.  Nothimng more has to be said about this topic, for its pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain.

Now for Modern tactics, I have been in marches, rallies, and conferences.  I have passed out litterature, none of that seems to be working and would you like to know why?  its simple really, a rally or march of 50 people poses no threat to the establishment and normal people just don’t care.  As for conferences, I had to sit there and listen to morons talk about things I already know and talk about runnig for offices.  Then they start talking about non violence, but never expect to win federal elections.  It turns out their strategy is helping the lcal communities and controlling water and other things like this.  How does this translate into politcal power?  Well it doesn’t, however they think it does in their irrational minds.  “If we control the water supply, we have the power”, yeah only problem with that is that the elite will never allow you too.  Another dumb strategy is all white private communities like orania, there are several legal barriors that prevent that.

Anyway back to rallies, all rallies really do is give the establishment an opportunity to demonize you.  They do nothimg, although they might be effective if you didn’t announce to the world that you’re nazis.  And this brings me to my next point, lets drop the Hitlerism and rockwellianism.  Lets just make something that’s purely american and base it off strasserism.  A big problem is the hyper focus on race and not enough talk about economic reform, refer to my previous article on why Anti capitalism and Socialism should be the core of this ideology.

Now here’s a proposition for a good ideological platform


Advocate National Syndicalism

Obtain the Revolutionary Spirit

Speak out loudly against income disparity and say how its Bourgois Jews who are the cause of it

Explain how Immigration is a method of undermining the white working class

Be very Socially Conservative and Anti Degeneracy

adopt Anti Imperialism

Ditch Mccarthyism and throw Rockwell under the bus, he didn’t even understand NS anyway

Create a well thought out economic doctrine and push it very hard

Ditch secessionism and adopt the will to power mindset of seizing power instead of deconstructing it

Use the term Ideological war instead of race war

Promote racial identity and criticize the anti white crusade of SJW retards

Try tp create alliances with old revolutionary leftists.  By that I mean the old socialists, not the dumb trotskyists and neo marxist filth we have today

Adopt ideas from old american nationalist and Socialists.  Some good socialists are Father Coughlin, Huey Long, and Jack London




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