This is an economic struggle

I have had questions on my objections to capitalism and calling reactionism Kosher Nationalism.  To answer this question we must look at the history and development of capitalism and the problems it presents us

Capitalism is NOT just as simple as starting a business and making a prophet, that’s just collecting the fruits of your labor.  Capitalism gets its name obviously from Capital and capital is money as we all know.  Now that we have that established, lets look at some history.

There’s two kinds of currencies in this world, ones backed by debt and credit in other words money and those backed by labor.  In the ancient world this labor was slavery, but that’s a topic for another day.  So lets focus on middle ages, in this time feudalism was the economic system which was based on agricultural labor.  The GDP of economy came from farming mostly with some exceptions such as rare minerals.  Feudalism simplified is Serfs working for a lord that owns all the land and the serf is paid, but can’t own anything.  He’s paid with food, housing, and small amounts of money.  The produce goes on the market and is bought by the artisan class such as blacksmiths, scribes and doctors.

This system could only last so long however due to the many problems it presented, such as not a big enough consumer base.  So the lords often lacked money, so they had to borrow it and they borrowed from the merchant class, I’ll talk about this more later.  there was a series of events that led to its collapse, the biggest being the black death which wiped out a lot od serfs.  This meant there were’nt enough peasants to work the land anymore.  The other reason is the printing press which allowed mass productions of books that made litteracy more useful, so the peasants began to become more litterate.  Now back to the lords borrowing money, Ursury was illegal so the only people that lend them money was of course Jews who were the merchantile class at the time.  SEnse the lords made such a small profit they couldn’t pay the interest.  This led to economic chaos and the collapse of feudalism.  That and the serfs were educated now and were rising in social status which led to the huge middle class.

This new system was based on trade and capital, so this was the rise of capitalism.  It did many good things such as allowing entreprenuerialship and anyone could own land.  However this also led to the rise of banks and legalization od usury.  The Jews controlled these banks and were the main benificiaries od this new system as they funded the soon to come corporations that orchestrated colonialism.  This is where the spirit of europe died, now everything was to be based on money and greed, a kosher paradise.

Capitalism since its begining has been Jewish, so my question is why are a bunch of so called National Socialists defending this system.  Sure communism was also invented by a jew, but so is capitalism.  Capitalism isn’t nationalist, as soon as it came to be colonialism started and colonialism was the earliest form of globalism.  Capital is colorblind and does’t care about race, capitalists only care about acquiring as much money and power as possible and will do anything to get it.  This includes war, selling out their people, and destroying tradition if they have to.  Many of my colleages have said “Cultural Marxism, I think you mean cultural Capitalism” as it has only existed in the highly capitalist west with the huge corporate empires and exploiters.

So now we come to my final point, this IS an Economic struggle at its core.  We will never be free until we abolish this corrupt, exploitive, and kosher systsem.  Anyone who defends it is an enemy and I and my comrades will treat as such, and so should you.


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